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Walt somehow captures this guy and shackles him in a basement. Walt then sets up a shotgun across the basement pointed at this kingpin with a trip wire. Ultimately, Walt wants this guy to kill himself. Then Walt starts “lopping off bits of this guy” very precisely, starting with the toes and working his way up, “cauterizing with a blow torch.”

Walter works very systematically, returning each day at the same time to torture the bad guy. The guy is such a badass that he won’t trip the wire, and the torture continues for weeks. Walter Jr. was going to stumble upon this place and discover this “poor guy.” Junior was going to try to help him, lean in and give him some water. Somehow, the kingpin realizes this is Walter’s son, and only then does he pull the trip wire to kill both Junior and himself.

Gilligan pitched this idea in person to AMC and Sony executives. He admits that everybody in the room sized him up with a look that said: “You are seriously f*cked up.”

From a list of 5 Plots that Vince Gilligan didn’t use for Breaking Bad. (via twiststreet)

Wow…even the plots that Vince Gilligan threw away for Breaking Bad are better than anything else on TV right now.

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Pretty exciting news.  UNTHINKABLE, my creator-owned Boom! Studios book about a writer who joins a post 9/11 think tank tasked with coming up with worst case terror scenarios before they happen, is going to be a TV Pilot for FOX.  Produced by Howard Gordon (24, Homeland) and Ben Queen.  If you know me you know what a huge Homeland fan I am and I couldn’t think of a better team of people to bring this to the screen.

There are reports in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline.com, Comic Book Resources and an interview with some of my thoughts at MTV Geek.  

UNTHINKABLE is what’s called a “put pilot”…meaning that Fox has to make the pilot or pay a very stiff penalty.  People are saying this all but guarantees it will be shot, but this is Hollywood and there are no certainties.  Still, to say that I am excited is the understatement of the century.

Since I don’t know if I’ll have another chance, I’d like to use this opportunity to thank some people who were instrumental in creating Unthinkable. 

First and foremost, artist Julian Totino Tedesco, without whom the book wouldn’t exist.  Paul Azaceta for stand-out covers and Kristian Donaldson for my first ever variant cover.  Juan Manuel Tumburus for colors and Ed Dukeshire for letters and design for doing the unsung work of making a comic come to life. 

Mark Waid and Matt Gagnon for editing the hell out of the book (and Ian Brill and Dafna Pleban and the rest of the Boom! crew).  Chip Mosher for promoting the hell out of it and being an incredible friend. I suppose I should also thank the TSA for their help in promoting the book, however inadvertent. 

My mom, for believing in the idea before anyone else (which she will proudly tell you:).  My dad, who I wish was here to see this. 

My intelligence sources who as always have to remain nameless.  I swear they exist though.

And my readers, who are the most intelligent fans in the world and constantly push me to do better.  Thank you all.

I’m sure I’m leaving people out, and if you’re one of those people you can take comfort in the fact I’m easily guilted and at least get a drink out of me.  There’s more coming for me in comics, TV and film, and I hope you’ll stick with me for what is sure to be an exciting ride.

Oh, and if you haven’t read UNTHINKABLE - along with GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES one of the works I’m most proud of - copies are SCARCE, BUT - you can get it Comixology here.


Fun screening (technical issues meant that Schrab & Harmon had to “fill time”— for twenty minutes? a half hour?  more? before the show); one new show in Primetime; I thought the best show in the screening though was this month’s Car Jumper which just seemed really on its game this month, one of the better episodes they’ve done…

Car Jumper is Channel 101 greatness

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What would the (fictional) Jon Davis's wife do with sex robot? Find out in the penultimate episode of JON DAVIS GETS A SEX ROBOT!

Created by Jon and Matt R Allen Josh A Cagan Rob McKittrick and Caleb Wilson. With special guest cameos by Kayla Cagan and Clarke Wolfe (and watch for artist and throwback Thursday muscleman Dan Panosian's name to appear in Jon Davis' iphone!)

Give yourself a reason to live and check it out!

P.S. And the final episode is just hours away…

I’ve been pimping (no pun intended) JON DAVIS GETS A SEX ROBOT ALL WEEK, and the third episode (of five) is out now. I’ve said the others are Not Safe for Work, but this one really, really jizzes it up, bro. With that said, the episodes are not only getting funnier but the characters developing more than you’d expect in a comedic web series. I can’t wait for Episode 4 on Monday.


On Monday I mentioned that JON DAVIS GETS A SEX ROBOT is the must watch web series of the year. Episode 2 is out now, and it takes things to an entirely different (very NSFW) level. 

The star of this episode is a surprisingly great Chris Jericho, who plays (a version of) my friend, director Rob McKittrick. Rob directed “Waiting” and created JON DAVIS GETS A SEX ROBOT along with Matt R Allen Josh A Cagan Caleb Wilson and of course Jon Davis. I swear it’s amusing even if you don’t know the real people involved, or own a sex robot yourself.

Since this might be the closest you’ll come to owning a sex robot, I can’t recommend this episode and series highly enough.