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Star Wars: Turn to the Dark Side - Episode 3.1 from Double Digit on Vimeo.

Star War: A Turn to The Dark Side Episode 3.1:

A reimagining of the Star Wars prequel trilogy edited into a single compelling movie, based on the structure conceived by actor Topher Grace. As a critique of episodes 1-3, many large plot pieces have been removed or changed to strengthen the core relationship between Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala. More than 100 video and audio edits heighten the main character’s tragic fall from grace.

This probably won’t be up very long, so you might want to download this here.  Personally, I’d prefer to see Topher Grace’s 85 minute cut.

Jack Kirby’s Storyboards for Argo (via io9, h/t @alexsegura)

The big disappointment for me about Argo was that it barely showed Jack Kirby’s contribution to the story of bringing the fake “Lords of Light” movie that the CIA used as a ruse to get the hostages out to life.  These storyboards show that, with Kirby’s visuals, the movie-within-a-movie might not have looked so ridiculous at all.  And let’s face it, the world would be better off if Iran had a “Science Fiction Land” theme park than nuclear weapons facilities.

An awesome Fringe print by @markenglert - above is what it looks like with the lights on. Below is an alternate universe that shows up when you turn the lights off - because it GLOWS IN THE DARK.

It’s for  "Fringe Benefits" a show at Gallery 88. Proceeds go to Mission Continues, a veteran’s charity.  Unfortunately, it’s sold out…but Mark does amazing prints for film and TV like Skyfall, Breaking Bad and Back to The Future.  Check them out at his blog.

HALO web movie by Neill Blomkamp.

Abhay Khosla (aka TwistStreet) wrote in response to by BSG post: “There was a Halo webseries— I watched some of it because I thought Fincher had something to do with it (he didn’t). It’s VERY bsg influenced, but with Halo-people. Wasn’t my bag but they’d spent some money on it.”

I THINK this is what you’re talking about, a tie-in to the underrated HALO: ODST (about the ordinary troops, not the super-powered Master Chief dudes). It’s not directed Fincher, but District 9’s Neill Blomkamp.  Who I think was supposed to direct a HALO movie produced by Peter Jackson.  I remember being blown away by this at the time, and wishing that they’d actually gone ahead with a feature.  I’d rather Blomkamp direct the next Star Wars film, or better yet, another original film.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome.

If you’re like me you were not very happy with the ending of BSG.  I can date the downfall of that series to right after they left New Caprica.  Once the Cylons ceased to be a constant, existential threat and they decided to delve into non-sensical mythology and worse, preachy theology I lost interest.

But Machinima.com has been running what was to have been a SyFy movie/backdoor pilot for a prequel, BSG: Blood And Chrome in ten 12 minute installments.  So far there’s 4 webisodes, and it’s back to the basics.  Young Adama as a Raptor pilot fighting old-school Cylon raiders.  The SFX is better than BSG or Caprica, and for the first time we glimpse a Cylon ground attack vehicle.  Anyway, it’s free and I think worth checking out.  Shame on SyFy for passing on this.