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FEARLESS TRADE IS COMING - Preview on ifanboy

FEARLESS, my Image mini-series with co-creators David Roth (writing) and PJ Holden (art) is finally being collected in trade paperback.  It will be out November 2nd, and you can pre-order it this week in Previews.  You’ll also be able to order DECOY, my new Kickstart OGN with Andy MacDonald in this month’s previews as well.  More on that soon.

FEARLESS is the story of a vigilante born with a crippling anxiety disorder who needs an anti-fear serum not only to fight crime, but to function.  But what happens when his drug supply runs out?  You can find out in the trade.  iFanboy has a 9 page preview up, and here’s a little bonus art for my tumblr followers, since I evidently hit a pretty significant (and quite frankly mind-bogglingly high number today):

It’s always a bit strange to have older work come out - I almost never re-read old stuff.  Without giving anything away, things have heated up again on the Hollywood front with FEARLESS, so I’ve had to go back and read the issues to write a treatment or six with Dave, and I think it holds up.  Trust me that’s not an easy thing for me to say - when I look at anything I published all I generally see in the writing is the flaws.

But this is the second time in the past year that hard to find work is finally seeing print (the first being Teen Titans: Cold Case by Sean Gordon Murphy).  As with Teen Titans: Cold Case, what makes me okay with older material coming out is the work that my collaborators did.

FEARLESS is only the second time I worked with a co-writer (the first being with Joe Kelly) on Supergirl, with Ale Garza on art chores. 

(yes, that’s blood on Supergirl’s hands, but no, she’s not having her period)

FEARLESS is different than Supergirl because, unlike the latter where I was flattered to be asked by Eddie Berganza and Joe Kelly to help create a new origin for Kara Zor El, with FEARLESS it was my call to bring in writing help.

I brought David Roth in to help with what was only the second creator-owned series I wrote because he is flat out one of the best writers I know.  I knew this from both his writing (David was one of the best TV and film writers, and now one of the most creative ad execs you’ve never heard of) and the notes he’s been giving me for free since we met over a decade ago.  One of his many strong suits is story structure, which has always been the hardest thing for me to nail about writing.  I think FEARLESS has the best story out of anything I’ve been a part of.

But the real treat here is PJ Holden.  He’s the UK’s best kept secret.

Hailing from Northern Ireland, he’s best known for his work on 2000 AD and Judge Dredd:

But he’s got mad range, the best example of which is his “Happy Valley Run” on one of my favorite series, Garth Ennis’ Battlefields:

PJ brought more to the book than I can talk about it this space, and his writing speaks for itself.  His costume design I think is the best a character I’ve written has ever had, creator-owned or not.  But the hardest thing he did is visible in the preview pages on iFanboy.

When the protagonist takes the fear drug, the worlds seems less dangerous.  Buildings he leaps from seems closer to the ground, criminals less menacing.  But when he runs out…the reverse is also true.  PJ brings what it’s like to be afraid to life.

The final thing that makes me excited about with FEARLESS coming out in trade is  that it’s by far the thing I’m most asked about by fans who weren’t able to get all the issues.  I literally have so few of the singles I can’t sell them, so clearly it struck a chord.  Whether you had some of drug that is FEARLESS in the past and are craving more, or you are looking to get hooked on something new, I really hope you’ll give FEARLESS a try.  Check out the above art and the preview on iFanboy - the first taste is always free.