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I loved this short film about Walt Frazier’s style. If you don’t know, Frazier wears some of the most outrageous clothes in the world - he’s famous for making suits from upholstery fabric. He even owns (and wears) one with a cow spot pattern. Despite his outrageousness, though, he always looks great. Of course his broad, charming smile helps. And the fact that he’s a genuine basketball legend.

An aside: the short’s directed by Nelson George. Not only is George the author of one of the most important books about soul music, The Death of Rhythm & Blues, he also provided hand claps on an unalloyed hip-hop classic, Kurtis Blow’s The Breaks, and co-wrote CB4. You gotta admit, that’s quite a resume.

"Disdain the Mundane" a great 30 for 30 short on one of my all time favorite Knicks, Walt "Clyde" Frazier.  Never knew "Clyde" came from the film Bonnie and Clyde…Frazier started wearing Warren Beatty’s trademark hat before he did.  Got to meet him in person the last time I was at MSG, and yes…he’s this cool in real life.  

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The first basketball savvy president: Bill Simmons interviews Barack Obama on his B.S. Report Podcast about, among other things, his fellow Harvard grad and Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin.  This is Part 1 of the interview…the other four parts can be found at Grantland.

If National Security is more your speed, Jeffrey Goldberg has a great interview with The President about Iran over at The Atlantic.  Money quote “As President of the United States, I don’t bluff.”

New York  Knicks Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields Nerdy Handshake

from the Benjamin Hoffman’s blog in New York Times:

The most highly educated backcourt in the N.B.A. revealed perhaps the nerdiest handshake in league history this week.

In a video quickly gaining views on YouTube, Jeremy Lin (Harvard) and Landry Fields (Stanford) start the shake with two low-fives, but then diverge from their counterparts. Fields holds out both hands with palms up, simulating a book; Lin flips a few imaginary pages; and then the two guards simulate putting on glasses before putting them away in a shirt pocket.

Lin has been having fun with other teammates, celebrating multiple times by bowing to Carmelo Anthony, who has bowed back.

The lighthearted bit between Lin and Fields — a nod to their backgrounds — may be a surprise to some N.B.A. fans who have become used to less scholarly displays. The polar opposite of the Lin-Fields handshake might have been employed by the 2006-7 Warriors, a team that Knicks guard Baron Davis played for. Stephen Jackson had been running into trouble with the law, once in a shooting episode outside a strip club. During introductions, Jackson started a bit with Matt Barnes in which Jackson put his hands over his head, and Barnes patted him down for weapons.

At the time, Barnes and Jackson refused to let Davis participate despite his pleas.

Time will tell if Lin and Fields let him play.