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Jack Kirby’s Storyboards for Argo (via io9, h/t @alexsegura)

The big disappointment for me about Argo was that it barely showed Jack Kirby’s contribution to the story of bringing the fake “Lords of Light” movie that the CIA used as a ruse to get the hostages out to life.  These storyboards show that, with Kirby’s visuals, the movie-within-a-movie might not have looked so ridiculous at all.  And let’s face it, the world would be better off if Iran had a “Science Fiction Land” theme park than nuclear weapons facilities.

The first basketball savvy president: Bill Simmons interviews Barack Obama on his B.S. Report Podcast about, among other things, his fellow Harvard grad and Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin.  This is Part 1 of the interview…the other four parts can be found at Grantland.

If National Security is more your speed, Jeffrey Goldberg has a great interview with The President about Iran over at The Atlantic.  Money quote “As President of the United States, I don’t bluff.”