Comic-wise, what are you most excited about for 2013?

Can I commandeer this question and make it about what I would LIKE to see in 2013? Here goes. I’d like to see an easy, user-friendly, and modern way to pre-order books in the direct market. If people can use apps to access their bank accounts or locate any point on Earth, surely there must be a way pre-ordering a comic can become a part of this smart-phone culture. I understand it requires bringing together many disparate elements (the distributor, an app developer, and the many independent retailers) but I hold out hope that all those parties can indeed come together to make pre-ordering easier not only for existing direct market customers but also for those not in the habit of pre-ordering but who still have an interest in comics. Is there something like this that I’m not seeing? What I’m seeing now is many creators and publishers explaining to potential customers how important pre-ordering is, especially for independent creator-owned books. Imagine this: someone reads an interview with a creator or sees a tweet about a book they’d like to purchase, then with a few clicks (and without ever having to change devices, let alone location) puts in a pre-order for that book at their preferred retailer or a mail-order service. There would be a lot of effort happening behind the scenes to make things that easy for a customer, but it is effort worth exerting.

@ibrill (Ian Brill) from the same Robot 6 piece where creators talk about what they are most looking forward to in 2013.  This was my favorite answer - not just because it was the least self-promoting answer from us narcissistic creators - but because this is something comics sorely needs.

I’m in at least one comic shop every week, and I still missed out on a ton of great comics because I didn’t pre-order them.  Then I’m either forced to wait for the trade or pay a premium for a back issue if I want a physical copy.

Again - I’m in the INDUSTRY and it’s a pain in the ass to order comics, even in a city with multiple great retailers.  It’s even worse for friends, family and other civilians who want to get my comics.

So yeah, what a nice wish for 2013.  And since Ian didn’t pimp himself, check out his Dracula World Order comic if you get a chance.