My Epic Comics Reporter Interview

If you’re not familiar with comics journalist Tom Spurgeon, you should be.  He’s one of, if not the premiere comics journalist working today.  I’m not just saying that because I was the subject of his Sunday Interview this week. 

Among other things, Tom wrote "All These Things That Have Made Us", a profoundly moving essay about not just comics, but illness and mortality.  The fact that he was able to write about such things despite a life threatening condition is remarkable.  That he was able to do so without being maudlin was northing short of amazing.

His interview with me is the longest I’ve ever done.  It was two hours over the phone, and I think the EDITED transcript totaled something like 23 pages in Microsoft Word (he was kind enough to let me clean it up a bit before it saw print). 

It’s in depth, wide ranging and highly personal.  Yes, I talk about GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES and DECOY, but we also delve into:

-The origins of almost everything I’ve written in comics.

-How my views on women have changes since writing HAZED.

-My revelation that Marvel Comics were the theme of my Bar Mitzvah.

There’s much more, but it wouldn’t be fair to Tom to give anything else away.  While we both tried to bring some levity into the proceedings, it was flattering for someone of Tom’s stature to take me and my work this seriously after such a short time in this industry.

Thanks to Tom for his patience and hard work crafting my rambling into something readable and interesting to someone other than myself.

I hope you’ll check it out. Here’s the link again: The Comics Reporter Sunday Interview with Mark Sable.

Also…it’s been a while since I’ve blogged - I apologize for that.  This blog post was initially going to be an explanation of what I’ve been up to since I last posted on tumblr, but I thought that should wait so that Tom’s interview could be given it’s due.

I will also be at New York Comic Con, in Artist’s Alley table S16 along with artist Paul Azaceta and creator Sam Humphries.  Please stop by if you’re there this weekend.