DECOY exclusive preview and interview

Chris Arrant of Newsarama has the first interview with me about and color pages for my new Kickstart OGN DECOY, out in November.  There will be more to follow.

Click here for both.

Decoy is a mix of sci-fi, espionage, and well…fun.  It’s got a similar tone to my Kickstart book, RIFT RAIDERS with similarly striking visuals. 

The art is by Andy MacDonald, and the colors are by Nick Filardi.  Nick was the first colorist I ever worked with.  He did the colors for GROUNDED and FEARLESS, as well as the greys for HAZED.  He and Andy have worked together on books like NYC Mech and make an amazing pair.

I hope you’ll check out Newsarama’s article and pre-order DECOY.  The Diamond Order Code is SEP111131.